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Check Version Differences
Differences Between V2.1.2.1 and V2.1.1.9
New Features:
  • Added support for negative and floating-point numbers to IsNumber().
  • CreditCardTypeFromNumber first checks if the number is valid.
Differences Between V2.1.1.9 and V2.1.1.8
New Features:
  • Removed ***spam*** checking in domain name, but we still check spam and nospam.
Differences Between V2.1.1.8 and V2.1.1.7
Issues Addressed:
  • Remove check vowels in IsValidCity, so that "Mc xxx" should work.
Differences Between V2.1.1.7 and V2.1.1.6
Issues Addressed:
  • Changed district name from "Washington DC" to "DC".
Differences Between V2.1.1.6 and V2.1.1.5
Issues Addressed:
  • StateFromZipcode can now figure out xxxxx-xxxx type.
Differences Between V2.1.1.5 AND V2.1.1.3
New Features:
  • Extended possible domain name length to 63.
Differences Between V2.1.1.3 AND V2.1.1.2
New Features:
  • Improved performance for profanity checking.
  • Added zipcode updates for Corona, CA and Santa Maria, CA.
Issues Addressed:
  • "Loop" for street name and 300xx zip code added.
Differences Between V2.1.1.2 AND V2.1.1.1
Issues Addressed:
  • IsValidEmailAddress excluding subdomain checking 'na'.
Differences Between V2.1.1.1 AND V2.0
New Features:

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