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Re: SAXFile cab upgrading

Thread Starter: nisha   Started: 09-22-2007 3:41 AM   Replies: 1
  22 Sep 2007, 3:41 AM
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SAXFile cab upgrading
   I have installed FileUp Professional Evaluation version on my local machine. On our production server, we downloaded and installed FileUp Professional Full Version and I extended CODEBASE property of <object> tag to include version number of saaxfile.dll in the new SAXFile.cab of the Full version on the production server.
    Yet when I run the application from our production server, it is picking up the dlls of the Evaluation version from my local machine, due to which I get this window which says that my trial version is going to expire whenever I try uploading the files. Why isnt it downloading the latest dlls from SAXFile.cab located on the production server?

  24 Sep 2007, 4:08 PM
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Re: SAXFile cab upgrading
Could you make sure that the path to the CAB file in the OBJECT tag is correct?  If you type the path into the browser's address bar, you should get a prompt to download the file.

What's the version of Saaxfile.dll in the CAB of the Full version of FileUp PE?  What's the version in the Evaluation version? The CAB is only downloaded if the version specified in the OBJECT tag is higher than the version registered on your local machine.  

Also, XFile may have been registered in IE on your local machine.  It's a good idea when testing to remove the evaluation version altogether from your local machine.  See the following Knowledge Base article for instructions on removing an XFile installation from IE and from the System folders (also ensure that no other browser instance is running while you're performing the steps):


For more general Xfile troubleshooting steps, see the following Knowledge Base article:


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