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Error -2147352567

Thread Starter: Nidan   Started: 11-02-2005 11:34 PM   Replies: 1
  02 Nov 2005, 11:34 PM
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Error -2147352567
I've migrated a site I work on from one Windows machine to another.  I've mirrored everything as far as permissions on the new drive, & SA File Up is there.  But, I'm getting a: -2147352567 error on the screen when I try and upload a photo to a directory.  Strange thing is that I'm using SA FileUp on another part of the site & it works fine.  I've triple-checked the permissions and they are exactly the same as the previous server. This worked fine on the old server & I haven't changed any of the code.

Anything I'm missing?

Code is below:
<!-- #INCLUDE file="dbconnectionfile"-->
dim imgFile, imgName, basePath
set imgFile = server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp")
imgFile.Path = "E:/blah/blah/" & session("homedir") & "/"

On Error Resume Next
imgFile.overwritefiles = false
imgName = imgFile.ShortFilename
imgName = Replace(imgName," ","")
imgFile.SaveAs imgName

agent= Session("userID")
if ERR <> 0 then
    session("err") = "Image upload was unsuccessful."
    dim column, pageID, pageName, objConn, sql
    set objConn = CreateConnObj()
    column = request.querystring("i")
    pageName = request.querystring("p")
    pageID = session("pageID")
    sql = "update proppagecontent set img" & column & "='" & imgName & "' where pagename='" & pageName & "' and pageID_FK=" & pageID
    response.write("column=" & column & "<br>")
    response.write("pageName=" & pageName & "<br>")
    response.write("pageID=" & pageID & "<br>")
    response.write("sql=" & sql & "<br>")

    objConn.execute sql
end if
    setImgFile = nothing
    set objConn = nothing


I commented out the final line for troubleshooting purposes. 

Thanks for your help.

  11 Nov 2005, 11:16 AM
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Re: Error -2147352567
I'm not familiar with this error number. Is there text with it, or does it point to a specific line of code? That would help me better guess at what the problem might be.
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